Remote Passages

On a recent trip to toffino my friend and I were dying to see some Canadian wildlife. So we decided the safest way to do so would be to do a guided tour. After checking out a few places in the area and searching for a great deal we decided on ‘Remote Passages’ they specialize in hot spring tours, whales and bears by means of a Zodiac. 

We did back to back tours and made a full day of it. It started with whale watching and finished with bears. What a day! If you do one of these tours ask for Jeff as your guide. He was not only the coolest dude out there but knew a ton about the land, the animals and much much more. It was like entering your very own national geographic show with the narrator right beside you. 

They provide you with a full onesie flotation suit, gloves and a toque. We went in June, and yes it was cold enough on the water that I wore that hat! Wear long pants and a long sleeve shirt if you’re like me and tend to get cold easy. The onesie helped but I’m glad I wore what I did that day. 

The tours that we did were 3 hours each and the hot springs is 7hrs. 

Check their site fir more info and pricing. I highly recommend them!

Sarah Scotford