Camping in Yosemite

It just so happened to fall on my birthday, Our epic trip to Yosemite. 5 of us deep in the woods sleeping next to bears, cooking up hot dogs over the fire. And by sleeping next to bears I mean literally. They were a ‘stones throw away’ from our campsite. So I decided to better my odds of survival and sleep in the rental pickup truck ;)

It was Uber crowded with euro tourists in rental RV campers but never the less this place is beautiful. Seeing the sheer size of those granite cliffs is mesmerizing. Imagining people scaling them is sheer awesomeness.

I would recommend packing light. It’s recommended to put all things scented into a metal bear box located on your campsite. This includes shampoo, makeup, bug spray, food, sunscreen.. anything and everything basically.

Sarah Scotford