The Bentley of Self Tanners

The next generation in dark tanning is here! Uber Dark, And boy do I love my self tanners! This game changing formulation has been created with highly concentrated tanning actives, for the darkest tan yet. It’s no jersey shore orange tan either. It’s Salon quality, Uber Dark with added cutting-edge odour neutralisers to ensure no fake-tan smell.
While all base colours can be used on all skin tones, you are able to tailor your tan to your unique skin type.
Here’s a guide.. Their range is made up of 4 bases:
* Ash Base. A dark cool tan for fair skin tones
* Green Base. A dark olive tan for all skin tones
* Marula Oil. A hydrating tan for all skin tones
* Violet Base. A dark bronze tan for olive skin tones

I used the Ash base after it was given to me by an Aussie model whom I met while working together. I saw her applying it and I gotta be honest she looked really green while she was slathered up in it. I honestly didn’t think she had applied it properly, there were streaks on her neck and I was nervous for her. She kept assuring me that it needed to dry, settle then shower it off and it would be perfection.
I had my doubts.. but sure enough, it turned out magical! I was sold!
It’s now added to my collection of self tanners.. it’s sitting at number 1 right now. Bumped St Tropez out of the top spot. Oh! And did I mention it’s animal cruelty free!!! 

Check out the line for yourself
Uber Dark