Tired of Dull Looking Skin?

This always happens when the cold air swoops in and you can't figure out why all of a sudden your face looks haggard.

Well for starters, avoid those sugary holiday drinks... ya right!

So here's my cheat sheet to have a fresh glowing complexion to get you through the cold winter months.

First! And I can't stress this enough, EXFOLIATE! Retinol should be your best friend by now. If not, face, meet Retinol! Aka Vitamin A. Prescription Retin-A and over the counter retinols increase skin cell turnover and stimulate collagen synthesis.

Next you need to jam your skin full of oil! Yes oil. I don't give a shit if you say "but I have oily skin" no. Oil is your second BFF. When you step outside Mother Nature will suck the oil off your face rather than the moisture from your skin. Choose one that's pure, and full of rich omegas.

Now you're all set to apply your foundation or tinted moisturizer if you're not a fan of full coverage. I like to mix an illuminating one like Laura Mercier or MAC strobe cream with a luminous foundation such as Armani.

Use a full fledge blinding highlighter only on key areas like cheek bones, collar bones, lips, tip of the nose etc.

Eh voila! We all shine on!